ChappellKing’s Directors provide 

a specialist capability, either independently or fully integrated within a team environment. Their skills provide focused and informed advice.


ChappellKing has senior level business relationships with airports, airlines,

cargo operators, freight forwarders, caterers, hoteliers and other specialist airport users across the world.

Development management for

airport related projects from site identification/purchase, obtaining planning consent, procurement/risk management, marketing/pre-letting, construction to letting and sale.

Direct development and development consultancy to support wider airport/ landowners master planning activities/ long term planning strategies.

“Translating” aviation impacts

upon real estate.

Airport land use and occupational strategies (long and short term).

Strategic and site specific

master planning.

Due diligence and risk management

for small or large investment 


Providing transactional support to airport operators, investors and occupiers.

Establishing and actively managing airport wide or site specific marketing campaigns.

Strategic asset management


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